DIY: BB8 Costume

When I was little my mom made all of my Halloween costumes.  I felt special and loved that my costumes were unique.  Even before I had children I knew that I would make as many Halloween costumes as I could for them.

I know that it is July but it is never too early to think about Halloween costumes (or convention costumes).

Last year all of my children decided to dress as Star Wars the Force Awakens characters.  My youngest chose BB8, her favorite character.  It was a very easy costume to make and my little girl loved it!

For this costume you will only need three items.

You will need:

1 yard of white fleece
4 sheets of stiff orange felt (or 1/4 yard)
1 grey paint marker
coordinating thread

Step 1:
Cut out 4 large circles.  These need to be large enough for your child but not too large as they need to obtain their circular shape once worn.  Cut 8 strips 4"x9" white fleece.  These strips need to be large enough to fit your child's arms through.

Step 2:
Cut out 6 circles out of the orange felt.  For my 4 year olds costume I cut 5" circles.  The larger the child, the larger the circles.

Step 3:
Make a template for the inside of the circles and cut.  Cut 4 of your circles in half.

Step 4:
Sew your orange circles onto the fronts of your white fleece circles.

Step 5:
Double your 8 strips together making 4 strips.  Sew right sides out.  Since it is fleece you do not need to worry about raw edges.  Now take your large circles. Sew your front sides and each back side together with right sides out.  You will now sew your 4 strips onto your circles making shoulder straps and waist straps.

Step 6:
You have now just completed all of the sewing.  Easy!  You will now take your paint pen and add some marks onto the front panels of your circles.  Use the picture as your guide.

I was planning on make a head piece but my daughter saw a BB8 headband at a local Halloween store and decided she needed to have it for her costume.  I should note that she left her pricey headband at home on Halloween night.  AHHH!!!

This costume is a great jumping off point for other costumes (more tutorials using this method coming in the future).

Your child is now ready for halloween or a comic convention!


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