Review: Ultimate Smile

I was a thumb sucker.  I was a thumb sucker until around the age of four.  I stopped sucking my thumb thanks to someone scaring me out of it (a long but funny story for another time).  As you can imagine, sucking your thumb for four years can do some pretty bad damage to your teeth.  As a child my parents were not in a place where they could afford braces like most of my friends.

I realized that my teeth were not pretty like my friends at a pretty early age.  I knew that I would never get braces so I would have to find another way to make my smile a bit nicer.  I found that something that I could do and afford was whiten my teeth at home.

You can probably imagine my excitement when I was asked to try out a tooth whitening system.  The system is called Ultimate Smile.  It is similar to systems you find in the big box stores.  The system includes two moldable teeth guards, two syringes (only one pictured but it does come with two) filled with a whitening solution and a nice storage case (which is a great bonus as opposed to systems sold in stores).

I had a great experience with Ultimate Smile.  The molds are a bit longer than most other molds.  You can trim them or keep them longer to reach farther back into your mouth if needed.  I ended up trimming mine only because my teeth are not straight and were a bit uncomfortable with the full length.

The whitening compound does not burn like others I have tried.  It wipes off of the teeth nicely afterwards and does not taste too terrible.

Ideally you are supposed to use the system twice a day.  I would forget some days and only use it once and forget other days all together.  Even missing some days in between I can still see a huge difference in the whiteness of my teeth.

**I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.**


  1. Every woman should have these things. I would like to have all the necessary things for beautiful smile.


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