Book Review: The Berenstain Bears Blessed are the Peacemakers

**I was given this book to review from the publisher.  All opinions are my own and are not swayed by any company or person.**

You may remember my last blog post on The Berenstain Bears book that I reviewed.  I wasn't a huge fan of the writing and felt like the Bible verses inserted into the stories were more than a bit over my kids heads.

I decided to review another BB book because, well I knew all of the books couldn't be like the last one.

I chose to receive Blessed are the Peacemakers.  This book is wonderful!

In this new Berenstain Bears 8x8 book, Blessed are the Peacemakers, Brother and Sister have a wide circle of friends at Bear Country School and they get along with pretty much everyone. But not all their friends get along with each other. Too Tall and his bullying gang, for instance, are often in conflict with Cousin Fred, Ferdy Factual, and their friends. So what happens when the cubs all need to work together on the annual school play? Brother and Sister have to decide whether they should “mind their own business” or get involved as peacemakers and try to calm the troubled waters.

My kids absolutely loved this book.  I loved this book.  The story is easy to follow and the versers are explained so that children can understand them.  My favorite part of the book is the inside back cover.  The cover contains three questions to help children recall the story.  There are also two activities included that everyone can accomplish as a family.   

Would I recommend it?  YES!