Stormtrooper Stencil Shirt DIY

Did you know that Sunday is a very special geek holiday?

Sunday is Star Wars Day!!

We like to celebrate SW day at our house every year with special Star Wars crafts and food. This year it falls on a Sunday so it puts a bit of a wrench in our plans.

I figured we could start out the day by the girls wearing their SW shirts to church. Then I realized that our 4 year old doesn't have a SW shirt. WHAT!! I decided I needed one but I didn't want to buy her one.

Today's DIY came out of a pretty important need.

I'm going to show you how to make a simple stencil shirt.

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

note: Freezer Paper is the only paper that will work for this project. It is paper that is wax on one side and paper on the other.

Step 2: Take your stencil (many ideas can be found online by searching Star Wars stencil) and trace it on to the freezer paper (paper side NOT wax side).

Step 3: Cut out your stencil as close on the lines as possible

Step 4: Place your shirt on the ironing board and

iron on your stencil. The wax side will temporarily adhere to the fabric.

Step 5: Paint your shirt. I like to sponge my paint on, making sure I get paint in ever cranny. The paint I am using is a metallic black. My middle loves pink and loves glitter. I thought I would give her both.

Step 6: Remove your stencil from your shirt. It will peel right off.

Step 7: Let your shirt "cure" for several hours. I made my shirt in the afternoon and let it dry until morning although my daughter won't actually wear the shirt until Saturday.

There you go! This works with all kinds of fabric. Think how cute it would be on a canvas tote!!

Don't forget that Toys-R-Us is holding a free Star Wars build at most of their stores in the mornings. We did this last year and the girls had a blast!

Saturday is also Free Comic Book day. Check to see if your local comic book store is participating and go pick up some free comics! My girls still read their free comics from last years FCB Day.

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