About Me

Me and my girls.  Sadly the husband was not able to join us for this picture.

Welcome!  Will you join me in some DIY's, tips on living on the cheap, doing some fermentation and trying out some Pinterest ideas?  You will find all of that and reviews of new or favorite products right here on this blog!

About me: 
My name is Jessica.  I am a SAHM, homeschooler, part-time blogger and currently (hopefully permanently) living in Kansas City.
My husband and I met in college and have been married for 8 years.  We have three daughters who we adore.

I am a stay-at-home-mom and am always looking for ways to save and make money.  I belong to a few affiliate programs.  What does this mean?  There are a few banners on my blog sidebar as well as a few in certain posts.  If you click on these banners and purchase a product then that company rewards me with a small monetary reward.  These programs in no way sway my opinion of their product.  I ALWAYS give my 100% honest opinion.  If I like something I will tell you.  If I don't like something I will tell you.

Contact me:
E-mail: jecahandmade@gmail.com
Facebook: Jeca Creations
Twitter: @jecahandmade
You Tube: Jeca Handmade
Instagram: jecahandmade
Pinterest: Jeca Handmade